Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/1 - 11/3- Catch up Continues

Reflections of Me
11/1 Give Thanks for Yourself
Me / Myself / I

Here is a photo of me, myself and a few others. I have a mirrored porch in our condo which overlooks the river. When you are sitting at the table, you can get a water-view from 3 sides. Today, I used the mirrors to my advantage and had fun with the shot ending up with multiple reflections. The tripod is much smaller than mine at home and limited to how high it can go. A seated version is what I ended up with since it has even more reflections in the glass top of the table. And yes, long sleeves in Florida today!  

November prompts are based on Thankful as a common theme. I am not sure why I would be thankful for myself, but I am thankful for being able to enjoy each day. Even if it means being awake for for every sunrise here, a view that never gets old. Now I just have to get caught up with all my blog posts, I will be posting as much as possible in the next two days, since it is unseasonably cold here!

Beach Walk
11/2 Give Thanks for the Sun to Light your Path
Walk / Guiding / Illuminated

The prompt instructions were to get a sun starburst through the trees and I just wasn't able to do that since I need the time to set up the shot and be in a spot where the sun is peeking through the trees. It was a chilly day at the beach, but we were warm sitting in the sun. We were the only ones on the beach until a group of three people sat behind us and thankfully were missing a part to their kite. Seriously? The only two people on the beach and you want to fly a kite near us? I had my air buds in listening to music, but my sister in law was in disbelief as she heard it all.

The sun was warm, even if the air wasn't

The Smell of Salt Air
11/3 Give Thanks for Good Scents
Aroma / Flavor / Scent

I love this shot of the lifeguard shack at the end of the path. We met up with a friend of my sister in law's and visited the Jetty Park in Canaveral. Another cool day, but warm enough to walk on the beach.  I took off the zoom lens to use the 18 - 55 kit lens for something different. 

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