Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend 10-11 to 10-13

Vibrant Fans
10/11 Photograph Vibrant
Lively / Colorful / Vivid

It was more than vibrant at the football game, it was packed stadium of Hawkeye fans. The day before the game, I had gone to the website for the tickets and saw that there was a recommendation for what color to wear for our section. We had black and my husband borrowed a shirt while I bought a huge, comfy sweatshirt with the old time logo for the hawkeyes. It was fun to experience the homecoming scene in Iowa City where everyone and their brother came out for the parade the night before to the next morning's game. My son's girlfriend kept saying to us, "you have no idea what it's going to be like". And she was right, from the crowds at the parade where I felt like I was in a scene from Animal House to the amount of tailgating and fans the next morning. There were vendor tents all over the place and we had no problem finding most anything hawk eye. 

We had a great time in Iowa City where we got the grand tour of the university and town, along with a ride to where my son's girlfriend (K) works in the next town over. It's nice to see a town that works with the school community. A good example of this would be the excitement of the kids that K takes care of at the pre-school, they were all excited about the homecoming parade. We even had a free breakfast at the law school tailgating event put on by a local law firm.
Checking out the Iowa Hawkeye Merchandise the night before with everyone else in Iowa City
Game time and the fans waiting for the homecoming parade.

Mutant Fall Flower
10/12 Photograph Leaves
Changing colors / Nature / Blade

Why is this a mutant? It was once a store bought Chrysanthemum that has gone wild in our front garden. I love the the colors of the flowers and will be using these for the macro project for October. The leaves here all have spots and are just about gone by so my choice for nature was this beautiful flower. 

Fall Trip Fun
10/13 Photograph Frolic
Merriment / Fun / Joke
For today's prompt, I went back and used a picture from our weekend trip to Chicago. This is our first look of the Bean in Millennium Park, or Cloud Gate. It is a huge reflective bean that is a lot of fun to look at from different angles to see reflections of the city, sky, clouds and all the other tourists. 

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