Monday, October 13, 2014

10-8 to 10-10 Three days of Catch up

Family Running
10/8 Photograph a Race
Competition / Beginning / Meet

There used to be a time when I could get a picture of cross country race and my youngest son running during any week in the Fall, but those 5 years are past. Now I settle for quickly turning on a walk to catch the backs of this family running. Photographed with the iPhone 6.

Distorted Buildings Reflected
10/9 Photograph Distorted
Askew / Contorted / Crooked

What a great prompt to have for our first day in Chicago. There were so many photo opportunities   for distortion views while taking the Architecture boat tour on the river.  This building above was built specifically to reflect the skyline including the blue of the sky. It was a beautiful day just as it was reflected.  I will have to do another blog post just of a few of the photos from our trip. 

Miles of Fields and Sky Seen from the Highway
10/10 #Off Prompt

Another good prompt for the weekend! These shots were taken from the car during our drive from Chicago to Iowa City. The views of the corn fields were expansive with miles of fields which make the farms here look like like specks. It was a four hour drive and we stopped at the Antique Archaeology Store from the American Pickers tv show just over the state line in Iowa. I was expecting to see more of their finds rather than a bunch of tourist items like tee-shirts, shot glasses and cards. The yard outside of the garage looked like some of the yards of New England.

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