Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Three Jalapeños From The Garden

10/6 Photograph Whole
Full / Perfect / Complete

These poor little jalapeños made it through the frost from the night before and became dinner after the pictures. Well, not really dinner, just a part of the taco meat. I used a macro lens to get the close up and they weren't really perfect.  Initially I was going to take a picture of a whole acorn, but there were none to be found in the backyard since the squirrels had a made a mess of what had dropped on the ground. But just checking through the yard made me realize that it needed to be raked before I ended up mowing the lawn. Sometimes taking pictures just leads to work.

Farm Stand Squash Display
10/7 Photograph For Sale
Market / Exchange / Payment

Morning cooking and walk scenes

Today was a day of food as I started cooking right after my walk this morning. Two batches of Skinnytaste crockpot turkey meatballs used up what garlic I had which gave me a great excuse to go to Dimond Hill Farm for the day's prompt. It was raining in the morning so I had to wait until the weather cleared. While home, I also baked some Banana chocolate chip muffins which is another great recipe from Skinnytaste with only 2 tablespoons of butter and 1/3 cup of brown sugar plus I experimented and made a pumpkin apple soup. The soup's color was not quite the orange but it was still delicious. 

After lunch I headed over to the farm, the woman who was managing the farm stand was so nice when I asked if I could take pictures and even told me a few other places around the barn that I could check out. I was in photography heaven with my 50 mm lens. It was the right choice for the lighting while I could include as much as possible in the frame. I chose the picture above because of the line of baskets leading the eye into the picture where you can just see the back of the barn, the textures of the baskets and wood along with all the squash. It was a tough call though since I ended up taking so many colorful pictures.

I left with organic garlic, spaghetti squash, a sugar pumpkin and a frozen baguette. The bread was excellent once it thawed. I will be back to the farm next week for more squash and to check out the local meat. 
Pumpkin, Squash and Decorative Corn Display

Pumpkins and more pumpkins

Vegetables and fruits galore


  1. love these pix, esp. the ones of the jalapeños and the apples.

    1. Thank you! It was a fun day of photography!


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