Sunday, October 05, 2014

First Weekend of October

Fall Flower Bokeh
10/3 Photograph Out of Focus
Bokeh / Blurry / Ill-defined

Initially, I was going to use this picture of my next door neighbor's dog, Chloe, but wanted to have more of the dog in the picture. It's kind of hard to get a dog pose, especially one that is bigger than me.  The colors in the background for the dog photo are out of focus and to me, it looks like Chloe is in front of a scenery background similar to those at a store photo studio. 

When I got home from the morning walk, I saw the light on the flower above and knew that I could get bokeh while isolating the focus on the flower. And yes, I had to fix a petal and add a texture to soften the background.

Serious, Very Serious Dish Drying
10/4 Photograph a Chore
Routine / Duty / Responsibility

This is the "selfie" for the month, at least the prompt is on a Saturday and I wasn't the only one who took way too many pictures of a chore to get an acceptable picture. The narratives in the Captureyour365 for the day was amusing as we all spent more time on the picture taking than the actual chore. There's plenty I can say about this photo- yes, horizontal stripes do make you look larger, that's my story and I am sticking to it, yes, my kitchen was a bit messy for this photo, but I was in the middle of cooking- Potato Leek soup and Pumpkin bread and it's hard to take a picture of yourself when you are tall and in a narrow space. 

Fall Woods Portrait with Bokeh
10/5 Photograph Colored Bokeh
Tinged / Prism / Hued

Yes, another bokeh prompt, but I don't mind since the opportunity to get that sparkly, out of focused background is easy to do with the foliage color plus a sunny day. After a day of drizzle and chores, it was good to get out for a walk in the woods. We were heading up to the Lakes region later on in the day, but we did our little hike (2.4 miles) this morning at the Audubon Society. The last time I was there, it was all snow covered and today we got to enjoy a crisp, fall day. Lucky for me, my husband is good about posing and the bokeh in the picture above is the out of focus lighted leaves in the background.

On our way over to Wolfeboro, we finally went up to a scenic view point on the road that we have passed numerous times, it was worth the stop! Beautiful view of Lake Winnipesaukee.
Peak in a couple of days. View from the east side of the Lake.

Here are few of the shots from today's hike through the woods. ( I do like lightroom for editing faces, now if I could just learn how to get rid of the wrinkles….)

Up close Milkweed shots. I was glad to find a field of these on our walk out of the woods. I have been seeing some of these throughout the state, but never close enough to get a photo.

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