Thursday, October 02, 2014

Fall Colors

Fall Colors - Old Grave Yard
10/1 Photograph Signs of Fall
Crisp Leaves / Changing Seasons / Colors

Yes, this picture looks familiar because it was taken yesterday and it's in the collage above. The weather for this prompt was rainy and overcast all day. I was hoping that the weather would be different where I work, but the south was very overcast and the picture was not good. Such a shame because there is such a great view of Mt. Sunapee. I did try to get an up close picture of a left, but all the leaves here have some type of fungus on them with spots on the leaves. Looking at this picture of the single leaf, it's not a bad shot, however, I like the background colors better in the photo above. 

Squash Mini-Harvest
10/2 Photograph Lines
Direction / Edge / Leading

The prompt for today was to have leading lines with examples in the Pinterest gallery of buildings, paths, train tracks and other images with strong lines. I thought I would get the lines from the table on the porch to show up better, however once I had the squash set up the lens I could see that I would lose the pumpkin top to show the lines. To get this shot, a tripod was used with the macro lens and I warmed it up a bit in lightroom. There may not be strong lines, but I really liked how the colors of the trees outside are muted with the window framing the shot. Now I just have to figure out how I am going to cook the two end squash! Tomorrow, the pumpkin will get roasted and made into bread and if there is some left over pumpkin, I may just make some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. 

I had thought that I would use this photo from our drive on Monday through the Monadnock region of the old time rake on the side of the building. However, I just didn't like that I only had part of the rake. This was leaning up agains the side of an "antique" store that had a lot of other junk at the bottom  of this shot. 

Today I worked from home on the King HenryVIII research for a couple of hours and I kept looking out the window hoping to see some wind. I didn't care that it was still a bit overcast, but I wanted the wind for my sail this evening with my friend K. It was her birthday earlier this week so I made dinner and bought the wine, such cute bottles! It was just a month ago that we went out and swam while sailing, tonight we were in layers, as you can see in my picture where I look huge! My friend was smart enough to bring a hat and gloves, at least I had on wool socks! It was another beautiful night for a more active sail as we had to change up the jib sail and watch out for the boom going back and forth. I know I don't have the terms right, but I am learning, I still like fluffing better than luffing when the sails start to flap….

The foliage was pretty and once again, hardly any boats on the lake. Hard to imagine that in 4 months they will be ice sailing on the same lake. 

Instagram shot Lighthouse

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