Friday, September 05, 2014

First Week of September Daily Photos

 The Hunt for No. 2 Pencils in My House
9/1 Photograph No.2 Pencils
Sharp / Lead / Write

The first week of September and I love not having to get school supplies for anybody. This prompt made me search and I finally found a No.2 pencil along with my husband's ruler from his elementary school days.

Back to Reality - Not!
9/2 Photograph Back to Reality
Routine / The First Day / At work

I golfed in a tournament in North Conway and it was of the most unique courses I have golfed on.There was a train running through the first tee box. The men had to drive over the tracks and the ladies' tee box was on the other side of this train. The course is right by the tourist train that runs through North Conway. It was a little disconcerting to have the train whistle sound while putting. It was  very hot and muggy which I didn't expect it to be up in the mountains and I appreciated the ice, cold handiwipes that the rangers were handing out. 

Catching Up with Chores
9/3 Photograph An Assignment
Homework / Chore / Duty

Are you starting to see the theme with the prompts for September? Not all of us are going back to school and we just need to be creative with the prompts. I got caught up with my youngest son's bedding now that he is back to school. The room is 100% cleaner than last year, it was worth being the mean mom and limiting food and drink to only water this summer. 
It was another hot day and I just threw on a sun dress to get things done around the house. I think it's reminiscent of the house coats(?) that women would wear to do housework. But I bet they didn't have the golf tan.

First Sail 
9/4 Photograph Beginning
Starting Point / Opening / Introduction

Last night I went out on Lake Sunapee with my friend K who has a sailboat. It was a perfect summer evening on the quiet lake. We had enough of a breeze to sail and I found it so relaxing to be out on the water. We brought along dinner, cheese and crackers while listening to tunes on Pandora. At one point the sails were brought down and we jumped in for a swim. The water was cool, but not heart stopping cold like other dives I have done off of boats! We came back in after sunset and I just loved the entire experience.  But I have to admit, after Labor Day, everything does become quieter around the lakes making it one of the best times to vacation in New Hampshire.

9/5 Photograph From Scratch
Square One / Homemade / Do-It-Yourself

Good prompt to have today, makes me start thinking about what to make for Christmas and to get an early start. Easier to do in September than November! This picture above is a 1/2 done dishcloth from last spring, I need to get going!

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