Wednesday, September 03, 2014

End of August Photos

Working on Wedding Photos
8/26 Photograph Making Plans
Procedures / Intention / Lists

The instructions for this prompt was to include an interesting and related background. The background for this is the lightroom screen of my computer as I am working through the wedding photos. It truly was a learning experience from the photography to the processing. 

Two Butterflies
8/27 Photograph 2 of a Kind
Twins / The Same / A Copy

This picture was taken a week earlier, but once I saw the prompt, knew what I was going to use for the day. The hardest part of the photos from this day was that the pink was reflected on the butterfly as you can see in this shot below.

Ready To Enjoy the First Day of School
8/28 Photograph a Backpack
Worn / Filled / Ready for School

Nobody heading off to school from my house, but my next door neighbor needed a beach day after getting her teenagers off to school. The waves were huge and we enjoyed a restful day at the beach while the kids enjoyed(?) school. 

Distinctive Flower
8/29 Photograph Distinctive
Characteristic / Original /Peculiar

This was taken at Saint-Gauden's estate and the contrast of the orange against the perfect summer blue sky drew me to the shot. I should have taken a picture of the the front of it for identification. I quickly processed the above picture in lightroom and had to boost the exposure of the plant. There wasn't enough time to fix the glow around the stem, however, people on the capture your 365 liked the shot and it ended up being the photo of the day.
August 29th - Distinctive Flower

Jenny has used the light to bring out the details in the petals and I love the complementary colors and negative space in her composition. It all works together to create a beautiful flower portrait!

 I showed the photo above to my niece and she noticed the glow right off. Here it is all fixed. 

Golden hour- Back lit Flowers
8/30 Photograph a Different Perspective
Angle / Aspect / Viewpoint

Living in the woods, or so it feels, I don't get the opportunity to photograph with the back lit setting sun. After golf on Saturday, I took advantage of getting this photo with the setting sun providing the golden light in the back ground.

Maine Dory
8/31 Photograph Negative Space
Empty / White Space / Surround

I admit, I processed this photo to add some blue to the water.  It was an overcast day and the water was gray. We spent the day with family in Maine and managed to avoid the rain. 

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