Monday, September 01, 2014

Another Catch-Up 8/20 - 8/25 Photo of the Day Posts

 # 5 Found on Golf Clubs
8/20 Photograph The Number 5
On the Wall / On a Di / Discovered

How easy was this for me? Two clubs in the bag, one is used all the time, the wood, not so much. It's a club that I need to practice.

Quiet Time after the 4 Flights of Stairs Move in
8/21 Photograph Serene
Peaceful / Quiet / Tranquil

I helped move in one of my surrogate daughters for her last year of school. She was there early for training and it was nice to be moving a student in without a ton of people on the stairs. Her school is in Northhampton Ma, where we went to WEBS afterwards and I was proud of myself that I had restraint in not buying yarn! It is the location of the huge on-line yarn store, beautiful to look at and touch, but overwhelming with multitude of yarns, patterns and colors. 

Green Cherry Tomatoes
8/22 Photograph Green
The Color / Young / New

These are the "compost" tomatoes growing in a flower pot from the dirt that I put in for the petunias. They are taking a while to ripe! This was taken with my kit lens, 18-55mm since I hardly use it and I needed a change. 

A Self Portrait or Is it?
8/23 Photograph Portraits
Silhouette / Profile / Characterization

The prompt instructions was to take a picture of a stranger doing a job and I just wasn't into talking to a stranger. We had just finished moving Bub into his apartment and took a ride to the harbor for our end of the summer fluffy chowder. Is is a selfie if you have someone else take the picture? My husband took the picture after some instructions, he's learning along with me. ( He has no choice)

Where I Stand with the CSA Vegetables
8/24 Photograph Where I Stand
Look Down / Gathered / From the Market

It does seem silly to have feet with vegetables, but at the end of the year, it's going to be quite a grouping of where I stand shots throughout the year. Now that I am looking at this picture, I really should make a carrot cake!

Summer NH Tourist Photo-shoot Tradition
8/25 Photograph First Day
Celebration / Treat / Custom

I played hooky from working on the wedding pictures to go out on a photo field trip with a friend. It's becoming a tradition to have a field trip to a tourist spot within our state with one of my two photographer friends during each of the seasons. We went up to Saint-Gaudens National Park in the north western part of NH. Augustus Saint-Gaudens was a sculptor in the late 1880's- early 1900's and his summer house was here where he ended up living. This is a picture of the outside of his studio that was replaced after the original burned down. The scenery was beautiful as were the grounds of the estate and gardens. 

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