Thursday, July 03, 2014

Summertime Catch Up

I fell behind this week with a party, a real estate photo job and work. And since I am whining, the heat was not conducive to being on my lap top until tonight when we finally put the air conditioner in downstairs. Plus, due to yesterday's thunderstorm that caused a microburst 1/2 mile from here, we were without electricity until the middle of the night. I continued to take a picture a day and managed to get those posted to Captureyour365 except for yesterday's due to the weather.

What did you miss this week? A lot of stretching of the prompts, enjoy!

In the Shade
6/27 Photograph In the Shade

Cool Down / Under the Umbrella / Relax

My son and his friend happily went into the shade for this picture, kind of hard to take a picture of such tall guys without cutting something off. I guess there are worse things than feet to lose in a picture. At least it's better than the picture someone took of them at the wedding in a couple pose. Can you believe I actually had a cashier ask me if they were brothers? 

Graduation Portrait
6/28 Photograph Traditional Wear
Native Dress / Classic / Historic

No traditional gown here, but a happy high school graduate, my friend's L's daughter. It was a fun party with games and Karaoke. L and I got up to do Paradise by the Dashboard light. Lucky to have a beautiful evening for the party as we were outside the whole time.

Picking Up My Golf Ball
6/29 Photograph Clean Up
Pick up / Collect / Compile

This was an iPhone picture as that was part of the prompt, along with using apps for processing. 
We went golfing in the Lakes Region after I took pictures of a former lab employee's house for a real estate listing. It was harder than I thought as I had to do some editing afterwards to level the pictures. I read up on how to take the photos and my tripod came in handy. 

Downtown Advertisements
6/30 Photograph Graffiti Walls
Art / Markings / Urban

Better than graffiti in my mind and this is a prominent wall downtown. I wonder if they will let it stay when they do their next revitalization project of downtown. 
Iced Coffee
7/1 Photograph Refreshing
A Frozen Treat / Quenching / Revitalizing 

This photo was taken with a tripod and a napkin was used for the "placemat". I should have straightened it a bit more. The camera was set up with the drive mode to take 6 pictures. The problem then was , do I pick a glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full?
I picked the photo above because it has ice and the coffee is just flowing over the ice. 

It was a beautiful day and I did manage to get some pictures of the flowers in the front yard. 
These were taken with a macro lens.

Essential Summer Flower
7/2 Photograph The Essentials
Necessary / Fundamental / A Must

This was one of my non- promo shots for the week. I was busy getting out of the house early for work and then when I got back in the afternoon, it was in the middle of the storm. Then the lights went out.
This is the first good Clematis bloom out front. The gardens there seem to be a few weeks behind and this is the second year for this plant. It will be gorgeous next week. 

Patriotic Bird House?
7/3 Photograph All- American
Red, White, & Blue / Baseball / Apple Pie

This is the only patriotic thing here at my house except for a large American flag that we don't have a pole for.  And yes, I have taken a  picture or two of this before, but now there is color in the back yard. The bee balm will be blooming this weekend and will be a pretty contrast to the yellows, purples and white already in the garden. The Cone flowers are getting ready to bloom also with this one being the first:

I did have my camera with me today and was hoping that our town's bandstand would have some patriotic bunting which it did not, therefore, another picture from the garden. And there you have it, a week of pictures. 

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