Thursday, June 26, 2014


Having Fun
6/26 Photograph Have Fun
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Today was a very early start! I had to be down to Logan by 6 am this morning to pick up the oldest son and managed to hit some traffic. I took a "short cut" on Rte 16 where the signage was awful and ended up at the beach. Not a problem, since I knew my way around and got to the airport just in time. Part of the prompt was to have a bright color and negative space, luckily he had on a red tee shirt and the green of the trees provided a colorful negative space. It was nice to have a happy, willing subject. Once again, a lot of photos were taken.

We spent the morning watching bad, reality tv until the soccer game came on. It's nice that the USA gets to move on to the next round. During the game, I started the next lesson for my job and got a lot of that done today while J took a nap. We were lucky to have a dry time during the day to take pictures since it started raining again this afternoon. The rain was needed and everything is greening up around here. The California boy mentioned how green it was here, and he was right.

Here are some of the extra pictures- Lot of red and action.

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