Friday, July 11, 2014

Simple Pleasures

The simple pleasures of a summer garden plus humming birds that have returned to the back yard. This is where I get to hang out during the day, though not for as much time as last summer now that I have a part time job. Behind the chairs, there is a hammock where I can read (nap).  The perfect back yard for today's Friday Find.

At one time, there was some organization in the backyard garden, now there are flowers throughout. Bee Balm, Threadleaf Coreopsis, Liatris, Astilbe, Lavender,   Cat Nip, Butterfly bush, Sedum, Coneflowers, and Evening Primrose are just the flowers that I can name that are in this one garden. Now that I am taking a picture a day for a year with Captureyour365, I have plenty of subjects in my gardens.

Birds- At least 2 hummingbirds are visiting the flowers, while ignoring the feeders. The garden is on a small hill which provides a green back ground when taking pictures.

Insects - Dragon Flies are daily visitors along with more bees than last year. In the evening, the mosquitos come out in herds while at night we have fire flies.

Flowers- These are all the summer flowers currently in bloom.

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  2. What a lovely space. Your Bee Balm looks amazing. I prefer the wild look of a garden.

  3. oh how lucky you are to see a humming bird - I have not seen one in forever!

  4. Love your photos. I've been trying to get a good shot of hummingbirds and haven't been able to yet. Your's are fabulous.

  5. Your garden is so beautiful and your photos too! Thank you for sharing!!


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