Thursday, July 10, 2014

Abandoned and In the Window

Abandoned Sand Castle
7/9 Photograph Left Behind
Forgotten / Abandoned / Lost

Summer Lights Hanging in the Window 
7/10 Photograph On The Window
Backlit / Decor / Treasures

Yesterday's prompt required me to use a picture from earlier this year. I golfed in a tournament and then
had golf league where we had a free dinner so I dug into the files. When I read the prompt, I had the picture from Florida of the sand castles already in mind. Today's photo was a reach for me, since we don't have "treasures" on window sills here due to the cats. But I love these lights out on our porch and they are my summer decoration. They are so pretty when we have a bonfire in the yard and these are on. Glad I didn't do a cat in the window, although, I did have a cat posing with my son in the window.

Yesterday's tournament was fun and with a beach theme, we had our carts decorated which I should have taken a picture of. However, I did take a picture yesterday, keeping my streak going of taking a picture every day. It wasn't my camera, but I did it without being asked, I just took my friend, L's iPhone and asked her to pose with her mom in the shade, and it was done. 

Today, I worked for a couple of hours and then spend the afternoon with my kindle in one hand and the camera in the other hand sitting out in the backyard. There are now at least two humming birds that come to the garden. They chase the other out and I wish I could get that action, but that would mean quick focusing.  The lighting could have been better and I tried using my flash, but it wasn't working that well for me. Still got a couple that I liked.

I ended up putting my macro lens on and getting some pictures of some of the new blossoming going on. And the tomato plants in the flower pot growing from the compost dirt that I added are doing well. There is some transplanting that's going to have to happen and I am going to have to figure out where the tomatoes are going. Unfortunately, my little vegetable garden looks anemic and there has to be another place. The flower gardens are bursting, so it just might be a big pot or two for the tomato plants.

This week on Capture Your 365, someone had posted a Macro Day Lily picture and it was beautiful. It was an inspiration for me to take pictures of the day lilies that I have here. Or at least the ones that the deer haven't eaten yet. I included the picture of the bird feeder to show how tall the day lilies by the fence have grown.

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