Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Red Flower

Red Flower
7/15 Photograph Red
Strawberry / In a Bowl / From the Top

Basically, it was just photograph red today. No strawberries, though I did try some pictures of a bowl of
fresh, bing cherries but once I went to the CY365 gallery, I saw the same shot already there. Then I realized that I have plenty of red out in the garden. This is a macro shot of a bee balm blossom after it rained this afternoon. The beginning of a night into day of rain which we don't need, but if it's going to rain, I would rather it be during the week, than on the weekend.  And if I am going to golf like I did today, I would also prefer rain at night.

Today's golf tournament was up in Northern NH beyond Franconia Notch in Bethlehem on the Maplewood Golf Course. It was hilly, with tree lined fairways and a par 6 hole which was a first for me today. The golf club is in a building that also had hotel rooms and was once part of one of the Grand hotels of NH that people flocked to by train. It was beautiful area. I golfed with three new ladies and lucked out again as they were very nice. It was really nice to play in a tournament where the club had free coffee and danish at registration, along with a large bottle of water to start the round. I would definitely like to go back again to golf since it was a fun course and I finally golfed a respectable round in a tournament.
Maplewood Golf Course

On my way home, I was thinking about a stop at the grocery store to buy strawberries for today's picture, but once it started raining, all I wanted to do was to get home. In picture of the day above,
I like the reflective water drops on the petals and when you get up close like this, you can see the tubular petals that the hummingbirds love. While out in the garden for what I thought was going to be a short time, the hummingbirds came back and I can definitely say that there are at least three. One is green, the second is a lighter color and then there is the ruby throated bird that I have not gotten a good shot of yet.

Due to the over cast sky, I wasn't able to have a higher shutter speed which means more wing blur in the pictures today. I did try my flash and there are some good shots taken with the flash. 

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