Monday, July 14, 2014

An Old Bridge

Dalton Bridge, NH #12
7/14 Photograph an Old Bridge
A Structure / A Crossing / A Support

The prompt worked out great this morning since there are 4 covered bridges between my house and my part-time job. Out of the 10,000 covered bridges that were once in America, there are now 750 remaining with 54 of them in NH. 3 of the four that I visited today are still being used as one lane roads. I like to drive the back roads and this was fun to do since I learned about 2 bridges that I did not know about. This one was the second one on the way up to work and I had looked up bridges on the state website to get directions. 

The first bridge I went to was one that we crossed over every weekend on our way to our trailer. However, the angles just weren't right, although, the lighting was great. With all of the bridges I was unable to find a spot away from the bridge to get a full picture. Unlike the bridge in Henniker, which I could have gone back to today but it was out of my way.

2012 June- Covered bridge in Henniker

I learned a lesson today about lighting, the picture above was taken at 9 AM and when I got to the other bridge, it was after 12 pm. There was too much light on the roof of the second bridge and the red got blown out. I couldn't even save it in lightroom. If I had a tripod with me, I could have done hdr through elements, but a hand held camera didn't work for this. Besides getting a history lesson, I got a bonus photography lesson.

These next photos were in the running for the Picture of the Day, but the red roof of the picture above won it for me! 

Andover NH - Not in use

Top left bridge is the washed out red roof, better luck next time.
Warner, NH Waterloo Rd Bridge

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