Tuesday, July 08, 2014

On the Floor

On The Floor
7/8 Photograph An Apple A Day
Healthy / On the Ground / Just One

The prompt for today was all over the place as the other part of the prompt where they give a mini-lesson was about pet photography. And apples in July? So there are pictures of animals with one apple, kind of random in my book and that's why I just went with On the Floor with one cat here. Check out the face of the cat, can you see him sticking his tongue out at me? This is Stashio and as beautiful as he is, he is also a goofy cat. This is the one that "kills" the mini beanie babies and brings them upstairs while meowing to show off his mad hunting skills. This is also the one who skulks off at the first sound of fireworks.

 At least my son will be happy that there are cat pictures on the blog again. ( I just don't want to be a cat lady here ) The exercise was a good learning lesson for me in using my flash. I learned that it is hard to get an exposure reading on a black cat with the flash, because he doesn't reflect light. I also learned to make sure that my flash is locked on for it to work. 

Today was a busy day starting with a 3.5 mile walk, work for a couple of hours, grocery shopping and lunch at 2. It was suppose to be in the nineties, but only got into the 80's but it was muggy. I sat outside for an hour and took a little bit of nap in the hammock after waiting for the humming bird.  The birds weren't very active and I only got a couple of pictures. The shot below is the best shot for today.

The photographer I work with was telling me about one of his students who wants to take dragonfly pictures this summer. I can see why since they are prettier than other bugs.

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