Sunday, July 13, 2014

Illuminated Day Lilies

Illuminated Day Lilies
7/13 Photograph Beautiful Light
From Above / Spot light / Illuminate

Today's picture was all about light from above. Luckily, we had bright sun earlier this morning before the clouds of this afternoon. Before heading out to our golf tournament, I quickly went out in the gardens to find light. So many choices again! I picked the picture of the day after an afternoon of golf and a cookout over at our friends' home. It was a nice, busy day and we got the golf done before the rain. The tournament was a scotch format where we both teed off and then hit each other's shot and after the second shot we then took turns hitting it. My husband I did well on the first nine, but had one horrible hole in the back that we weren't able to recover from. It was a fun format, win or lose, with a few good holes thrown in. 

More flower shots from this morning.

If only this lady bug was in focus along with being on a perfect daisy, this would be a fantastic shot. Unfortunately for me, the lady bug was very active and I wasn't quick enough with the macro lens as it was constantly moving. 

This was my second shot that I almost went with for today, but once again, the petals weren't good enough for me. This is from the tall day lily plant that is now over 5 feet tall, I was taking the picture from below the flowers with the sky as the back ground. 

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