Thursday, June 05, 2014

Travel and Bubbles

Minivan for travel
6/4 Photograph Up North
Destination / Outing / Travel

Buoyant Bubbles
6/5 Photograph Floating By
Buoyant / Suspended / Drifting

Yesterday was a day that I almost missed in taking a picture. I was gone for most of the day golfing in a tournament and then golfing in my league. It was fun, I got to meet some really nice golfers who are at my level and even though we had some bad shots, overall it was a great day of golf. They invited me to their club's tournament in July and we are planning on trying to team up for the rest of the summer. It was my first time golfing in the state's women's golf association and I was nervous about all the rules and playing with strangers, but it worked out great. The prompt was for traveling and my minivan all set for the summer was good enough at 9 PM when I got home. It actually works.

Today's prompt was a little harder today as the email this morning was about clouds floating. As I drove up to work today, all I saw was overcast gray clouds hanging in the sky, no floating going on there. I even stopped by the town pond where I could actually see the sky and even though there was more clouds to be seen and even a surprise heron, I wasn't thrilled with the pictures.  The clouds still seemed to be hanging, nothing buoyant in those pictures. 

Heron landing

At least I had thought ahead and picked up bubbles to have a fall back plan. When I got home, I enlisted the help of my son. "Can you help me with today's picture and blow some bubbles?" His reply, "Seriously?" followed by a large sigh. Me: "You loved this when you were three." After about 5 minutes and many out of focused bubbles, I got a couple of good bubble shots and then decided on my son blowing bubbles as the perfect buoyant picture. It has a good composition with him along one of the imaginary third lines with negative space in front of him for the bubbles. 

One Iris is finally blooming in the front garden. Just one, with the rest getting ready. Still loving my macro lens, can you tell?

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