Friday, June 20, 2014

Where I Stand- June Version

Where I Stand- In front of a basket of clothes
6/20 Photograph Where I Stand
From Above / On a Deck / Wearing Shoes

I hit all three of the prompts today for the CaptureYour365 picture. It was a catch up day for me after me day trip yesterday. A sunny, breezy day perfect for hanging out the clothes.

The first picture that I took just had my sneakers on the deck and the clothes basket, but it was boring. I added the clothes pins for interest. Well that was my Friday, the big excitement was that lobster rolls are now back out our Pizza place on Fridays. I met my husband there for lunch and it was delicious. 
Then back home to clean litter boxes, like I said, the lobster roll was the high point of the day with a close second having the lawn mowed by my son.

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