Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Find- Peonies

Peony Blossom on the Porch 

Texture kk_waterfront28 Overlay, 53% Blend

Same picture as above without texture. 
 My gardens start out sunny in the spring, but once the Maple and Oak leaves come out, they become shade gardens. The flowers are a week or so behind my neighbors and this week our Peonies finally bloomed. These are from a Peony plant that I dug up from my in-laws backyard after they passed away before their house was sold. It is a nice memorial to have in the front garden.

The first year, I had no support for the heavy blossoms, but this year I put the ring out early. The flowers bloomed this week and they are still leaning over. I was hoping for a lot of blossoms and I was not disappointed,  they are beautiful.

I love the textured blossom above in the vase. I used Perfect Effects 8 to add a vintage layer and then took it into Photoshop elements 10 for the texture. The Perfect Effects is new for me and I am not sure what I am doing, but will need to practice since I think there are some great features for landscapes. All it takes is time.

The progress of the Peonies through the spring. 

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  1. I love to see the peonies open up! They are so beautiful in each stage!

  2. Lovely peonies. I don't know what happened to mine this year.

  3. Great edit of the peony in the vase and I enjoyed the collage of their progression.

  4. One can't have to many peonies, so gorgeous!

  5. Great idea to take photos while they were progressing. Very pretty photo of the peony and vase. I used to use Perfect Effects 8 quite a bit. Nice program, but I prefer PS Elements12.

  6. Ours have bloomed and withered away weeks ago. They didn't seem to last very long this year. Gorgeous pink color.


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