Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer- Turning Point in the Garden

Summer's Turning Point - My Own Cut Flowers
6/21 Photograph Solstice
Summer / Winter / Turning Point

This was a tough picture to pick today because of the choices. However, within the prompt email, the direction was to take a look around the viewfinder. Unfortunately, I didn't in my other choice below. Can you see the bug peeking out between the petals?

Both Daisies and Evening Primrose bloom the first week of summer which fit in with today's prompt. Now that we have flowers blooming outside, I can now have cut flowers in the house.

The picture above was taken with a macro lens above this vase of flowers on the porch. The white background is a good negative space for the flowers. Although I do like the the picture of the vase of flowers, but since I did it yesterday for Friday Finds, I went in close.

Today we golfed with our friends at their country club. It was a very relaxing round since we went out after a tournament. I wish I could say I played fantastic, but at least I played better than last week! 

I went by the fire department and now have a seasonal fire permit for our campfire. Last night we had some friends over for a fire which worked out well since it was chilly. Between fogging the yard, smoke from the fire and the cool air, the mosquitoes were not bothering us. 

It is great to finally be in the Summer season, but now that we have had the longest day, the days only become shorter now.

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