Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Waterfall, Sort of

Backyard waterfall- Brook Rapids
 ( ISO 100, 55mm, f/20, 1.6 sec with tripod)
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Waterfall / Rocks / In a Garden

First Attempt - ISO 100, 60mm, f/18, 2.0 sec without a tripod

Two pictures for the price of one prompt today because I just wasn't happy with my first attempt. Hand holding a camera at such a low shutter speed was not good, just take a look at the difference in the rocks. On my initial attempt, I went down to the brook behind our house when I realized that I did not have to go far for moving water. I brought down a small tripod ( think very small) which broke when I went to adjust the camera and rather than go back up the hill to get the large tripod, I tried to make due with holding my breath and steadying it on my legs. Since I was pressed for time due to golf in the afternoon, I just posted the best of what I had. But golf got cancelled due to a tournament that went over and the picture was just nagging me. After getting home, I went back down to the brook with the tripod and cable release and the pictures were better.

The instructions for the prompt was to take a moving water picture with a slow shutter speed. Sounds simple, but a slow shutter speed means more light into the camera and the aperture needs to be smaller to let in less light. The fact that the brook is in shade helped with the settings. I did have to increase the exposure in Lightroom to make the pictures even better. It was a good skill to practice today.
Check out the water splashes- lines of water due to the long shutter speed

A view down the brook and just an idea of the hill that I had to climb.

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