Thursday, June 19, 2014

Historical Landmark

Salem Maritime National Park
6/19 Photograph Historical
Landmark / From Afar / Through the Trees

What luck again! My sister in law Diane had called me earlier this week to arrange a day trip to Salem to visit the Peabody Essex Museum for today and it was the perfect place to get a shot for today's prompt. I could have gone with a vintage process for today's photo, but the blues sky was too pretty to change. 

The museum was really nice and I think I had been there about 35 years ago, so there have been a many changes since then. We got the tickets to tour the Chinese Yin Yu Tang house that they have built in the middle  of the museum complex. As part of a cultural exchange, an entire house has been rebuilt using the materials from China. It was very interesting and we both liked the open courtyard concept. Unfortunately for me, no photos allowed.
 We then saw a couple of other exhibits, including one on California modernism. They had some interesting styles in there and the display was very cool with clothes on forms hanging from wires. You can't even see the wires in this picture.

After the museum, we walked down to Pickering wharf and I was on the lookout for red stuff for the street scenes and while also looking for a historical landmark. Besides the official Salem history, I learned a lot about my sister in law as she we walked down the street right by the wharf where she grew up. She also met up with an old friend who didn't have much to say since she was working the street.

After a shared plate of nachos for lunch, we headed down the street where Diane grew up and ended up at the oldest candy store, Ye Olde Pepper Companie Ltd. where we of course went in. They had the strangest candy which tested like a communion wafer with candy inside which Diane bought for me to try. It was really weird tasting. I also got some Gibraltors which is a basic candy that melts in your mouth. Simple, but delicious.

We lucked out with the weather along with being in the right place for a specific prompt. Now I need to find a fun, cheap activity for us for our next visit.

Today, I used being in a downtown for the red part of my June Street Scene Assignment. This meant my eyes were wandering the whole time. The hardest part was the red words in an interesting way. I also got my big street scene today and an extra red flower picture. I love the picture of the red church door and this shot was from the top floor of the parking garage. I did take one from the street level, but this one below was had more to it.

Red Assignment

  • A large punch of red in the frame.
  • Red in the frame in a small, repeating way. 
  • Red words in an interesting way. 

Here are some scenes around town.

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