Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Evening Silhouette

Evening Silhouette
6/17 Photograph In a Different Light

Sunset / Silhouette / Sunrise

No sunset views from house surrounded by trees, which meant we had to go for a walk this evening to get today's picture. An evening summer walk sounds nice until you get out in the woods by a pond where we had buzzing deer flies and mosquitoes. At least it was a quick walk! I liked the pictures by the pond until we got out by the road. The sunlight at the top of the picture makes it look he is "going to the light".

I wish I had a light helping me today as I golfed the worst round possible in a tournament. At least I was golfing with nice people and one of them knew the rules well which I needed. I played so well last week in Maine and today I just couldn't hit a straight drive. Maybe tweaking my back as I got my clubs out of the car this morning didn't help. Next week when I play, it will be with the ladies I golfed with two weeks ago and hopefully I will get back in the groove. 

Summertime is finally here with the heat. We had a perfect summertime dinner of roast pork and corn on the cob on the grill plus watermelon. With two boys home, I seem to be at the grocery store every other day. There is no such thing as a left over here anymore.

With the heat, the flowers in the gardens are beginning to bloom. However, as I walked this evening, I realized that our yard is about a week behind. The daisies to the right are from our neighbor's yard, mine aren't even close. But the peonies are finally blooming and today I saw a humming bird checking out the blooming cat nip in the back garden.

I had the macro lens out today, but did not get as close to the chives as I needed to be for the macro bee shot. 

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