Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Wandering Around The Harbor
6/24 Photograph Explore
Travel / Tour / Wander

Today's prompt was a travel prompt and I used one of my favorite shots from Sunday. While my husband was buying lobster, I wandered around the shack to take pictures. I did ask ahead of time for permission, sometimes you just never know if it's okay. There were a lot of good shots from Sunday and I had a hard time picking out one that represented the stop. This works for me.

The other option for today was this photo from golf today. It was a tournament day up in Ashland and the course had terrible greens, no improvement from last month when we played. However, I had fun with the women that I golfed with and we all felt that our scores were not a good representation of our play because of the putting. The day was overcast and there was slight drizzle on the last hole. We lucked out with the weather. On this particular hole which is to the right of the river there is stream with deep banks about 150 yards from where we teed off. As one of the women I played with said, no harm in going for it, it's a one stroke penalty if you go in. The other two made it over, while I went in the river, but with my next shot from the edge, I got it on the green. No guts, no glory and as I watched other women at the same hole, we actually played it better than a lay up shot. I learned something today, always a good thing!

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