Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Butterfly- Off Prompt

Morning Monarch Visit
6/25 Photograph Number 15
The Number / On a Sign / The Total

On Wednesday I woke up with an ear ache, found some sudafed, got all ready to go for a walk with a friend but looked at my calendar. I then realized that I was going no where in the morning since the stove guy was coming to fix the wood stove. I was eating my breakfast while waiting out on our back porch when I saw this butterfly. The prompt with numbers went out the window for me. I grabbed my camera with the macro lens and took lots of pictures. This butterfly was not shy and was landing on the Evening Primrose right in front of me. It was difficult to focus quickly and to compose the pictures correctly but I kept at it with the picture above being the best one of the bunch. Did you know that Monarchs have blue on their wings? 

                            You can see the pollen on the antennae in this picture.
It was a hot and muggy day, I have to admit that I was happy that golf was canceled due to the Thunderstorms going through. Fighting off a cold in the summertime is not a great feeling. After picking up my CSA vegetables and making a huge salad, I was able to read and get to bed early. 

The back yard garden is getting there, the bee balm should be in bloom by next week. Looking forward to hummingbirds!
Backyard garden with Evening Primrose, Lavender, Cat nip, Astlbe (Goat's beard) and Daisies

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