Monday, June 23, 2014

Under The Sun

Hanging out Under the Sun
6/23 Photograph Under The Sun
High Noon / Warmth / Outside

Today the suggestion was to take a jumping picture for today. I tried, but this picture came out better. When we went outside, the sun had gone behind the clouds which meant I had to use a slower shutter speed with blurry hands as a result. Though it was fun having him jump, there were a few inappropriate jumps which can't be published. At least he is good natured about having his picture taken. 

We had a busy day with a vet visit for a neurotic cat who needs to be the only cat in a house, so his boy,(the one pictured above) will have to move out and take this one out of a multi-cat house. Then because we have not had rain in a week, I played the watering game around the house of moving and resetting sprinklers. Scott and I decided that the plain oscillating sprinklers are better than the ones that you stake into the ground and go in a semi-circle. 

I should get some deer repellant, as the phlox and hosta leaves are on the menu for late night feeds. Yesterday when we saw a dead deer on Rte. 101, my husband's comment was, "A garden has been saved." I think it's strange that we never see them  in the garden, but it's evident that they are visiting .

Tonight we had the two lobsters that we bought yesterday in Rye Harbor for $4.99/lb, they were hard shelled and absolutely delicious. Almost makes me think of another trip to the beach later this week, but there is no time for that with golf, work and my oldest flying in for a wedding this weekend. 

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