Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summertime Beach Trip

Sand Sculpture- Olaf at The Beach
6/22 Photograph Summer Silhouette
Portrait / Shadow / Form

I went off prompt today, kind of, because I could argue the form part of the prompt, however we had such a nice day at the coast that it seemed a waste to wait for evening to get the picture of the day.  The beach was mobbed and it took awhile to find a parking spot since we weren't going to pay $20-30 for an all day spot when we were only going to be at Hampton for an hour or so. 
Besides being a beautiful summer day, they also had the sand sculptures on display from last week's competition. The picture above was the most whimsical with Olaf the snowman from the Disney movie, Frozen. In the movie, Olaf sings about being at the beach in summertime, so here he is on the beach and since it was the best sand sculpture picture from today, it gets to be the picture of the day. I also like it since the picture has a great background of ocean, sky with a colorful beach scene.

The zoom lens makes it look even more packed with people!
And the beach scene was indeed colorful, it was so crowded on the sand to the point of claustrophobic. It wasn't any place that I would want to be for any length of time. There was nothing relaxing about it for me. We walked through the crowds down to the water where there weren't many people in the water. The water temperature was 58 degrees and there were some brave ones, but just a few.

The Winner!

( You can click on any picture to make it larger!)

This is the winner from the sculpture competition, a take on the alien films. All made with sand and truly artistic, besides working with sand and water, these sculptures have so much detail.

Most of the sculptures were cool, but some were kind of creepy.  Like this one of the guy coming out of the sea.

The incentive to going to the beach was actually the promise of a fluffy chowder at the Rye Harbor. The fluff is the added buttered lobster, another summer treat.

Rye Harbor is now a traditional stop for me when I go to the beach. It's a working wharf away from the crowds where you can watch the lobster boats come in, buy a ticket to go out on a whale watch or buy fresh seafood. There are picnic tables by the wharf and with 30 minute free parking, it's a great place to stop with my friend and her little ones after a day at the beach. The chowder just makes it all worthwhile.

I went crazy taking pictures there today. Who wouldn't?

I will post more on tomorrow's blog.

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