Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sign Making and Coffee Time

My Homemade Signs
5/30 A Vision Of The Present
Today / On a Sign / Hand Held
Morning Coffee Time
5/31 A Vision of Quiet
In a Cup / Coffee / Peaceful

Today I realized that I need to work more on the technical side of photography. Why? Because I found a button on my camera that I have no idea what it's for. Plus this morning I used my flash and I always feel like I am winging it, just hoping that I have the right setting. I end up doing a lot of screen peeking to see if the picture is coming out. The coffee set up above is my morning routine, coffee while I catch up on the news and all my word games. Moment of truth here, I don't play worlds with friends late at night, I save those games for my breakfast and coffee. 

Yesterday's prompt was good for what I was doing all day, getting ready for our yard sale today. It was the precursor to moving within the next five years. To where? Who knows? We timed the sale for the same day as the Boy scout yard sale and was hoping to have more traffic. I should have contacted the neighbors for neighborhood sale, but I was lazy and did not want to get into changing days. Nothing came back in the house except for the keyboard, beanie babies/stuffed animals, electronic things and the mixer/blender. The skis and snowboard are in the garage ready to go to the ski and skate sale in October, everything else went to Goodwill! It's a lot of work for people who expect to get something for nothing. Not enough of my junk became other people's treasures today.

The weather was so sketchy this morning, nothing on the radar at 6 AM and then all of a sudden, rain. We had to set up in the garage which meant being creative so people wouldn't pick up our stuff! Someone actually did ask if the lawn mowers were for sale! Anyway, back to the weather, I can't believe how gray and cold this spring has been since I have been back. I am not sure if this is the way it always is, or I am just more aware of the lighting now that I am taking a picture everyday. During the yard/garage sale, my sweatshirt was on and off based on whether we had the sun out. To keep warm, there was a pot of coffee going all morning. While waiting for potential customers, my husband and I set up a mini golf tournament. We put a tote out in the yard and used our gap wedges to try to hit a golf ball into it. I lost…..Then we put the chairs out there for an extra bonus. It was good practice. 

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