Saturday, June 14, 2014

Pick it Up and Street Photography

6/14 Photograph Pick It Up

Trash / Litter / Not Where it Belongs

Yes, I am now taking pictures of trash. I looked for litter around the street and couldn't find any, but decided the compost pile would do. This past March when I left to go to Florida, we could barely get the cover on due to the amount of produce waste and coffee filters with coffee in the bucket. With a little bit of summer heat, it goes right down. I have used about 3 buckets of the compost from the bottom for the garden and a few pots. Good cheap dirt.

After the rain on Friday, Saturday was a beautiful day and the leaves all had water drops on them. I went out with the macro lens and got some fun shots. Look closely at the drop below and you can see the reflection of the plants below within the drop.

I brought my camera to the Farmer's Market downtown to get some pictures for my Street photography class this month. I like this month's lesson because it's like a scavenger hunt. This is what I had to find on this trip out:

  • Flowers on the street
  • Painted on something
  • A street with a sign
  • Repetition
  • A word on the street

I threw in one of the red pictures for my next assignment of photographing red items. Plus, I had to take a picture of a stranger and I chatted up one of the vendors and got his picture. The street flowers were almost too easy and I had to make a choice. I like the one above because of the reflections.

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