Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day

Dad Grilling on His Day? 
6/15 Photograph Dear Old Dad
Together / Remembered / From Behind

After a very long afternoon of golfing, I mean very long, note to self, don't go golfing on Father's Day, we came home to grill burgers. We wanted to get back in time to watch the end of the US Open which we barely did. This picture was shot "from the hip", no up to the eye focusing, I put it on automatic and took a bunch of shots from my hip. This came out great, with the colors, the smoke and the top of the grill.

While my husband was grilling I roamed the yard checking out the gardens and was able to catch a bee on the chive blossoms. These were taken with the zoom lens, and I would like to try again with the macro lens.

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