Monday, June 16, 2014

On The Road

Building a Camper
6/16 Photograph Motorhome
RV / Stand Beside / On the Road

When I saw the prompt for today's photo, I knew that I already had the subject. My friend T had bought a small travel camper and I thought that would make it personal for me. Unfortunately, the camper was a bust as in, there was more that needed to be done than just cosmetic when they got the camper back to their home from Georgia. The only thing good was the trailer frame and the wheels, especially since they had to buy wheels on their way home.

Their goal is to build a new camper and at least my friend has a building background and knows how to use all those scary looking saws. I helped, all I knew how to do….I held down the wood while she cut it. Yep, I helped.

Meanwhile, her daughter was busy in the backyard working her way through the classics for her teaching certification. I just love the summertime feel of this picture.

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