Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Catch Up

The Local Scene- Covered Bridge
6/10 Photograph Staycation

At Home / In Your Backyard / The Local Scene

Favorite Place- Golfing
6/9 Photograph a Favorite Place
A Vacation Spot / Around Your House / With Memories

Recharging after Mowing
6/8 Photograph Get Away
Escape / Respite / Recharge
Making Cookies
6/7 Photograph Holding It
In Your Hands / Secure / Embrace

Got behind in posting as the past few days have been busy. Between a new home celebration, mowing the lawn, golf on Sunday, golf on Monday and house looking, I have some good reasons. I am not thrilled with the picture of me making cookies, but it was another self portrait day and I was strapped for time since we had plans for the afternoon. But it did give me the opportunity to work with the tripod and the self timer. 

Sunday we mowed the lawn, took some time to relax (pose) in the back yard for the recharge picture, then it was a round of golf with friends in the afternoon.(And confession time, I can photoshop cellulite, not telling you where or how, but it can be done. ) I was tired after golf due to walking the 18 holes, all hills here for golf! Then on Monday, it was a drive to Maine after getting up early to make Macaroni and Cheese with broccoli for the family. I golfed in the afternoon with my brother's friend. That was after we looked a disgusting condo for sale and then a really nice house up here for my brother. So yes, it's been a couple of busy days with lousy light for photography. But I made the best of it. 

This evening while driving back after dinner, the light was finally good for a picture of the covered bridge here in Newry, Maine. While at the bridge, this little guy started posing for me and I was able to catch him before he scampered off.

What would a June blog post be without a flower picture? Photo taken in my yard and processed with lightroom 5.

I may be late in posting to the blog, but I haven't missed a day yet of the Capture Your 365- 161 pictures days in a row of photography.

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