Saturday, June 07, 2014

Tourist Spot

Ice Cream At The Farm
6/6 Photograph Well-Known
Landmark / Tourist Spot / Monument

So this is not a landmark, but work with me on this. When you go on vacation, isn't ice cream usually involved? I wish I had known where they were going with the prompt, Photograph Well-Known, it's not like I can take a picture of Lake Winnipesaukee with a day notice. Though yesterday on my way back from work, I came home the back way and could have gone by Lake Sunapee and gotten a picture of the lake with a sign in front of it. However, today I was busy in the morning around the yard fertilizing the lawn, planting annuals and transplanting some perennials. Then I was off to the grocery store and the post office in the afternoon where I went by the ice cream stand to take today's picture. It was suppose to be a classic postcard picture and I could have used one from our NASA trip two months ago, but my intent is to try to keep this to a daily photo as much as possible. When taking this picture, I worked on centering it to make it look like a postcard, a scenic NH vista, too bad there weren't cows in the field! I wish there was a way that I could had included the sign naturally to the picture, but wouldn't the second picture make a good picture for a brochure? I used Photoshop Elements to add and blend the sign in above.

While taking the picture from the side of the road, I learned a very important lesson! Watch where you are walking. I think I avoided the poison ivy, at least it feels like I did. 

Here is what seems to be the weekly picture of my front garden, still so much green! The peonies when they ever decide to bloom are going to be spectacular!

Here are the Irises with some "Punch"!

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