Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So many choices for the yellow prompt for today's Tuesday Texture. One just wasn't enough for me to do as I  love to take flower photographs and at this time of year most of the flowers that I see are yellow.

These tulips were at my parents and I got to use my new (bought used) macro lens. I love the detail from using the kk-minus43 at 55% opacity with a vivid light blend.  This is a cropped picture which I used in a collage picture in yesterday's blog.

Even a dandelion was a subject with the new lens and looks cheery if you can get past the fact that they can take over your lawn. This dandelion has kk-waterfront18_magic texture at 36% opacity with a screen blend.

The Daffodils are beginning to go by, however the one below is so luminescent in the outer petals and was just perfect last week for pictures with my zoom lens. I used a kk-waterfront texture at 31% opacity with a vivid light blend. So delicate in how it seems to float out of the black.


  1. So pretty. Love the details of the tulip and the beautiful glow on your daffodil. :)

  2. What fun to practice using your new macro lens. Love the detail on the daffodil and the gorgeous light. I still have some difficulty getting a sharp focus with my macro lens and seem to do better when I focus manually, but your photo is clearly focused. Beautiful tulip with the texture added, too!

  3. Let the Sun shine in! Wonderful images, the Tulip is a stunner.

  4. Beautiful images.

  5. Wonderful. I really like the dandelion photo. Enjoy your new lens.


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