Monday, May 12, 2014

Take Care of Yourself

Me and Mom
5/12 Photograph Check Up
Make the appointment / Put it on your Calendar / Take care of yourself

Today's prompt was suppose to be health related to Celebrate National Women's Health Week. Instead of taking a picture of an appointment written on a calendar, I thought it would be good to use a new lens to take a picture of my Mom and I. Oh, if only I could look this good in another 25 years! So that is my spin on taking care of yourself. Love this picture!

Went down to my parents to pick up my son who flew in from LA to check out a school in Boston. He has a big decision to make within the month and is here for only 2 days to evaluate if the school in Boston is a good choice vs one in the midwest. We had a nice visit with my parents and brother. I raked their back yard which took me all of 10 minutes compared to what we have here. 

On the way to my parent's, I stopped at a photo store to check out used macro lenses and ended up debating and finally buying one. It is a lens that is used for close up detail or for portraits. Based on the photos that I took today, I can tell that I am going to be using it a lot for portrait style photos and for the garden this summer. It is a used Canon 100 mm, f2.8 macro lens and I expect there will be a learning curve with it as the capability for focusing small subjects can be hard with the depth of field. 

Today I had fun taking pictures with it and Mom was a good sport posing for me so I could practice. 

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