Sunday, May 11, 2014

Games and Mothers

Games in Black and White
5/10 A Vision of Play
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Connected Hand to Heart
5/11 Photograph Motherly Love
Mom / Together / Connected

Happy Mother's Day! Today's photo was taken last Christmas, my niece is trying to match up her grown up hand with her toddler hand. We made this apron when the oldest grandchild was 8 and I think it was my mother's best Christmas gift ever. Happy Mother's day to a Mom who is always there with love for all of us and makes the best chocolate cake. When I was going through my pictures to find a picture of just my mother and I, there were none, because either I have the camera or she does, or we have my aunt taking a picture of my parents and I. We will have to work on that. In this picture, I had to take out red light that was above Miss M's head and a shiny control on the coffee maker.

The game picture was a total set up and we had worked all day on the yard putting mulch down. While cooking hamburgers on the grill, I quickly set up the "game.  It was a good practice to use the black and white in Lightroom 5 and I like how I can adjust the exposure of different areas. There were 8 other pictures and it is getting easier now to weed out the choices to get to my picture of the day. In this picture, I liked the focus of the hands and pegs along with the deck of cards. We would have played cribbage last night, but the Bruins were on and that took priority. While my husband was watching the game, I was working on putting more pictures up on my on-line photo gallery.

It was finally a weekend with beautiful weather, I heard from all the boys, near and far, the yard looks good and the far boy is coming home for a couple of days. To celebrate Mother's day, my husband took me out golfing. It was fun, and some of the holes were just so completely different from Florida. There were holes that we had to hit off a hill that were higher than any hill found within 100 miles of where we golf in Florida.

With the weather so nice, we now have the back porch open during the day. It's another spot for the cats to watch the birds.

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  1. you did it again,it was a fitting end to Mothers Day


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