Monday, May 05, 2014

Small Details- Buds

Small Details- Burkwood Viburnum Buds
5/5 A Vision of Small Details
Macro / Close / Fine Points

A macro photo was the prompt for today and each time I try those filters, it's an adventure. Today it was a bit easier as I used the manual focus when I got in close. These buds are the beautiful beginning to the most fragrant flowering bush! The first time I noticed this bush was while I was waiting to golf at a local golf course. As I patiently(not) sat while waiting to tee off on the "hardest Par 3" in NH, I would smell the most fragrant, pretty smell and found out what this bush was called. We have it planted right by our doors and underneath our front windows just for this reason. The following collage shows the same buds using different focal lengths so you can see just how close I got to get the small details.

I got good news today and got the research assistant job with the photographer! It's exciting and I am looking forward to helping him and learn even more about photography. The other class that he is going to teach is on Henry VIII and the Tudor period. I will need to get some reading done to refresh my brain! 

The gardens are showing a lot of budding and emerging growth. After raking around the side of the garage and around the wood pile, I fertilized the yards. I did the Mrs. Botticelli routine of pulling up dandelions before the fertilizing, no dandelion greens for supper here tonight! And check out the cardinal below! I think he is young cardinal looking for a partner. The bright, red bird has been hanging out in the front yard for a couple of days now. I am hoping that he does find a partner and remains so I can get the red on the snow next winter. But enough talk of winter, let's hope for more sun to get these gardens going!

Notice the new button in the side column? I have a link to  The Coffee Shop blog where I get a lot of my collage templates for photoshop elements that I use in the blog. And to see any picture in the blog larger, just click on the picture and then you can view all of the pictures in the day's blog in a larger format. 

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