Sunday, May 04, 2014

Eyes, What are you Reading and Family fun

My Eyes
5/3 A Vision Of My Eyes
Close up / Me / My Eyes

In My Hands- Trying to learn Lightroom
5/4 A Vision of What I am Reading
In My Hands / On The Shelf / On The Night Stand

In keeping with the vision theme for the month of May, the Saturday self portrait was eyes. I confess, I cheated and my husband took the picture. We were in Vermont and I was not going to bring my tripod with me and do the focus, run and pose routine. The photo of my eyes were taken while we were visiting the Von Trapp Family Lodge. My Aunt and Sister in law went into the lodge while my husband I wandered about the grounds. It was a shame that the weather was not sunny, since the area is beautiful. I just don't know how the people who stay there during the winter make it up and down that road when it snows! Before we headed back to town, we went over to the ski area where skiers were hiking up the mountain to ski down. Now that is what we call dedication to the sport, the dogs were loving it! Sssh, can you hear the hills' music?
Heading back to town, we asked if anyone wanted to stop anywhere and when no one said anything, I asked if they could indulge me and stop at the Sculpture park that I saw on the way up. West Branch Gallery & Sculpture Park was worth the stop! The outside sculptures were very cool to look at and photograph. With all those texture and natural frames, I just want to get back there in the Fall to get pictures during foliage. Then we went inside to visit the gallery and both my sister in law and I fell in love with a small winter scene painting, Winter River by Kathleen Kolb.  The colors and light just drew us both in. As my sister in law said, "It was better than looking at a bunch of over-priced tee shirts. 

 Then in the afternoon, we had the main event of the weekend, my cousin's wedding. The ceremony was short and very personal, so sweet. I kept my promise of not taking out my camera during the ceremony to let their photographer do his job and for me to enjoy. It was nice to get together with family for a happy event. Our first destination wedding and the Green Mountain Inn was a beautiful place to be. Selena was a beautiful bride and Matt had a great time.

We were going to meet friends on the way home to golf, but the weather was cold and raw so we cancelled. Will make it back up there again to golf, but was glad to get home, take my picture of the day, read a bit, post my picture and take a nap. Had to get up and be awake for The Good Wife!

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