Tuesday, May 06, 2014

A Child

The Cousins~ 1995
5/6 A Vision of Innocence
Goodness / Purity / A Child

This was not my picture of the day, but the picture I did work on included a child that I did not have the permission to use on my blog. I think Mom would have said yes, but I just feel it's not appropriate to have an unrelated child here. Which brings me to this photo, one of my all time favorite picture of the cousins. I am almost positive that it is from 1995. Everyone said, enjoy them young, this is the easiest time. But at the time with 3 so young, I didn't think so. Well, now I have changed my mind, if I could only go back in time to fully enjoy all of them. Just look at this photo, J has a smirk, M is looking at somebody off to the side, A is not a happy camper, Miss M is intrigued by the bandaid on her leg and S is all about what Miss M is doing. Why are we letting A just cry?
Can you imagine if I had my photography project when they were so young? They would have all hated the camera even more! At least I did take plenty of pictures, I have boxes full of them downstairs that I should go through and scan. Can somebody find me another couple of hours to add to my day?

This morning I went over to my friend T's for lunch where I brought the salad and we then worked on Lightroom, trying to teach other what we know. We are planning to get together weekly as there is such a huge learning curve to this program and we both learn differently. As we both have it open on our computers, we can teach each other differently and pick up even more. Hopefully we will mix it up by getting back out to take pictures!

Finally got back out on the Golf course with my son, S. Wow, what a difference from Florida courses! Can you say Billy Goat golf? Where we played today involved a lot of hill shots and muddy, mushy grass in the flat areas. We walked nine and decided to play another nine. Great exercise with all the hill walking. This was the course where we used to be members and going back to play today, it just seems so small. The shots that I used to agonize over what club to use is just weird. The biggest difference for me now is that I have confidence in my yardage with the clubs I have. Must admit though, I am missing my "A wedge".  I played so much in Florida, that I got used to that for my short yardage. 

And the collage for the day are the tulips that are now blooming in the front yard. I used a collage from Lightroom, not sure if I love it, but it was quicker to put together. 

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  1. of course I loved the blog today. All of my angels


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