Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Find- Wild Flower

Lady Slipper Wildflower          Texture: kk_Mary 33% Screen blend
Original Picture without texture
This is my Friday find of the week. We have had rain and raw weather which didn't mean the best walking conditions until Thursday. On Thursday I went out for an early morning walk with my neighbor and while watching the dog along our trail, I noticed that the Lady Slippers were blooming. This is our state wild flower found only in damp, shaded areas. These are not meant to be picked since they don't transplant well due to their growing requirements. There is a myth that you could be fined for picking them, but that's only in the state south of us.

You have to look closely to find these flowers among the low growing shade plants.

There was more than just Lady Slippers in the woods. I don't know what this wild flower is below. I liked the individual buds on the long stems. 

And even though I had dandelions on yesterday's blog, I just couldn't resist putting this one up today. The blue of the background is from the water and is such a pretty contrast to the white. 

A perfect day for a walk and a find, even better, we didn't see the water snake that my neighbor claims lives near the path. 

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  1. A very unusual flower I don't think I have ever seen one but love the vibrance of your images....

  2. I love discovering wildflowers...this is one of my faves! And Trillium!

  3. Thanks for the reminder I should get out to the trail where I know there are some lady slippers to see if there are any there.

  4. Gorgeous images of such natural beauty. These are often my favorite photos to take, those made while walking peacefully along a trail or country road. Your creative compositions reveal your enjoyment of the walk. Thank you for sharing these visual treats.


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