Thursday, May 29, 2014

Out and About

 Out and About at the Local Harvest CSA
5/28 A Vision of Soul
Eyes / Look Into / At the Eye Doctor
Out and About on my Morning Walk
5/29 A Vision of Safety
Protection / Sun Glasses / Reflection

Nope, not following the prompts these past two days. I have already done two eye glass photos this month and that was enough for me. Too much else going on out in the world to duplicate what I have already done this month. My first photo is from the CSA which had it's first day yesterday, all kinds of organic fresh greens, turnips, radishes and I got a Jalapeño pepper plant which I planted right away in my fancy vegetable garden. This photo did get me outside of my comfort zone as I had to ask a stranger to pose for me. She was happy to help out and I just wish that I had used my 50mm lens, the 100mm was too much for what I wanted to do and I wasn't taking my time with focusing.

The second photo was taken this morning because I was so excited to find the Lady Slipper blooming. These aren't easy to find as they bloom where it is moist and shady in the woods. Lady Slippers remind me of my Grandmother as she was the first one who pointed them out to me near her camp and told me that you weren't suppose to pick them because they were rare. (There will be more pictures of the Lady Slipper tomorrow for Friday Finds)

Wednesday was a raw, cool day and I went to town for some errands and brought along my camera. It seems like we will never be warm again. The only creatures at the park were these ducks. Usually this park is full of little kids and their adults. I have spent many hours there when my children were young, it was better when they got older, because then I could bring a book and let them just run wild.  I am looking forward to going back when it is sunny with my friend A and her two little ones. The last time we were there, they were all over the castle when they weren't eating my snack. But no, Wednesday was so cold that I wore four layers on top for golf, three long sleeves and my shirtsleeve windbreaker plus gloves!

Today, the sun came out! It was a beautiful morning for a walk with my neighbor and her dog. The light at the pond was so bright and I went back to the pond after our walk with my camera. The dandelions going to seed caught my eye along with the Lady Slippers. I am still loving my macro lens and the top left corner is changed to black and white. The black and white was something that I had seen someone do and I wanted to try it, but I have been pulling all the dandelions in my yard, so there are none to be found here going to seed. And who knew that there is a golf ball under all those seeds?
Dandelion going to seed! But not in my yard!

The rest of the day was spent organizing for our yard sale. Not sure how well we will do, but the stuff is gathering in the garage and hopefully my stuff will be somebody else's treasure!

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