Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Vision of Monochromatic

Monochromatic Azalea
5/27 A Vision of Monochromatic
One Color / A Flower / Delicate

I probably went overboard on the color today, but the prompt for Captureyour365 was followed. Initially I had the white azalea on a white dish on a white table, but it was too boring for me. I got that picture in Lightroom 5 and just went to town on it with all kinds of colors and this is what I ended up with, a hot, pink mess of a single-colored flower. The one color does bring out all the detail of the flower in the shades of the single pink color. Based on the green outside, I could have just used a picture of the back yard perennial garden where it is a sea of green. In just a few weeks, this will be all red and purple if we ever get to see the sun again.
Just a bit of split toning added with green for shadows. 
One of the pictures that I took of the white azalea on the white dish is now gracing the blog header above. Did you notice my new look? As part of the Tuesday Textures, I visit other blogs who are posting their textures and today I realized that I needed to lighten up my blog for spring. It will be easy enough to update throughout the year with different pictures. I was trying to figure a way to include photography in the name, but wasn't coming up with anything. 

Yesterday I wrote about the garden that we planted and here it is. I don't think HGTV will be calling me anytime soon to work on their landscape design shows. It's not pretty, but effective. The tomatoes are in a cleared area behind the compost bucket and I plan on replanting any stray rooting plants from the compost into this garden. One lucky sprout made it to the garden today after I was mixing it up. Last year we ended up with two healthy tomato plants growing from the compost and who knows what we will get this year. The two containers are by my back deck close to the grill and right now we have basil and chives growing. 

Here is the last of the tulips with the irises getting ready to bloom. The lavender in front looks ratty and I should do some trimming. This is a good view of all the green we have, just like the back yard gardens, this will be so colorful during the summer. I will take green over white any day!!

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