Thursday, May 22, 2014

Glasses and A Vision of Beauty

New Glasses
5/21 A Vision of 20
The Number / Written / Glasses

Lilac Petals
5/22 A Vision of Beauty
A Rose / Petals / Soft

A little behind with the blog and I can't claim that I was very busy last night. Just got back from the first night of golf league and after a late dinner and then to the hot tub, bed sounded better than blogging. Yesterday's prompt was a good reminder to get my rebate sent out for my new glasses. I went with transitions for the first time and they worked out well last evening for golf as there were so many variations of light on the course. This photo worked out well with the glass over the eye and I kept the number of photos that I usually take to a minimum to make picking out the picture to use easier than it has become. 

Today's photo was taken at 7:30 AM after a 3 mile walk with a friend at 6:30 this morning. I had to get down to Massachusetts by 9:45 to pick up my brother after his day surgery to relieve my parents. Once again, I took a minimal amount of pictures, but I didn't immediately like the few that I took. Off to the front yard in my bare feet, I took more. I almost picked the photo to the left, but I didn't like the red background from the my blurred minivan. 

I feel that I still need to practice with the macro lens and this was a good exercise. Based on how some of these photos came out, it's the depth of field that I will need to experiment with to improve on what area should be in focus. It was a quick upload and picture of the day pick for today as I had places to go and people to see. 

The ambulatory center that my brother had surgery in was the best set up that I have seen, not that I spend my free time checking out that type of facility. It was clean and every single person was pleasant and helpful, much better than the one we have here in town. The surgery was quick which meant releasing the ulna nerve was the simple operation versus the alternative. My brother was even able to go to the pharmacy with me afterwards to pick up what he needed post-operatively. By the time we got back to my parent's I had a quick lunch and then it was back on the road to get ahead of the rush hour and pre-Memorial Day vacationers. This time of year, people are heading up north to their cottages and campsites ready for summer to begin. Based on the weather during the ride home, rainy and cold, summer may be a few more weeks away. 

It will be nice to get some warmer weather to get the next round of flowers blooming. As my friend and I discussed today, the tulips are just about gone by and all we have left are the lilacs right now. When I went out this morning, my poor, lone white tulip is no more, just a pile of petals on the mulch. These may be the last pictures of the tulips till next year. 

The sun came out just as I was heading back inside which added a nice light to the petals. However, there is that muddy red background.

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