Wednesday, May 07, 2014


Poised Cherry Blossoms
5/7 A Vision of Poise
Graceful / Elegant / Balanced

This was not an easy prompt for me today as my original idea was just awful. The suggestion was to take a picture from behind. Nobody here to take a picture of behind doing something graceful. My son taking wood from the porch to the wood pile was as far from graceful as one could be. I will have to keep that idea for a photo composition in mind if I see somebody elegant or graceful from behind. In the meantime, if I am going with the idea of these 365 pictures as a type of daily journal along with a photo exercise, then I would rather have the the beautiful picture above than my original idea!

I was going to use a picture of a fern with the fiddleheads, but those came out ugly with spiky, black stuff on the stem. Then I thought I could use the young fern, but I did not like how the focusing turned out.  Luckily this morning, I was in Concord meeting with my friend L's interior designer who asked for Cherry Blossom pictures. The tree in front of the office building was beautiful today and he wanted big bunches of the flowers contrasted against the deep blue sky.  Got two good pictures without interfering branches which he liked.

Finally we had a warm day and it was great to be outside taking pictures. I wish that I could have done that all day. Unfortunately, too much to do around the yard. We have a minor ant problem in the basement, happens every spring and I had to clean around the outside foundation to put down the ant granules. And just like when you give a moose a muffin, that led to other things that needed to get done outside. Raking our little mini yard by the basement, pulling out bushes and planting some lilacs in our back yard. We have lilac bushes sprouting like weeds in the front corner of our yard and even though I found a home for what I pulled out last year, I decided to use them here in our yard. There is still the very front of the yard that needs to get weed, but I am nervous of venturing in and finding poison ivy, never a good thing for me.

This back garden needs to be raked and weeded, hopefully the weather will still warm to get it done tomorrow after I work on some pictures for my friend. 

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