Thursday, May 08, 2014


5/8 A Vision of Trust
Belief / Certainty / Confidence

Trust is what your pet has in abundance since they rely on you to feed them and then there's love. This is the Bernese Mountain dog from next door, Chloe is just one big full of love dog. She worships the ground that her owner L walks on. When I first saw the prompt for today, I didn't have a clue of what I could do until my neighbor texted me for a walk. The suggestion for today's picture was to get up close which I did to get the vision of trust. Yep, dogs show trust while cats demand to be fed after they get their vitamin d sleeping in the sun. 

Today, I worked on learning Lightroom by watching videos on the computer until I figured out how to use the tv to watch them in full screen on youtube.  Adobe has a series of videos for all of the modules of Lightroom and it helps to watch them to see exactly how to use all the tools. It came in handy as I worked on the photos for my friend's office, though I am not really seeing her as a flower on the wall type. I am thinking more ocean or dock type photographs which I will work edit what I have and add to my online gallery that I started last night for people to order prints. The site is still a work in progress as it only has 6 dolphin pictures up for now.  I plan on having a Florida, New England, Nova Scotia and portraits for the few people that I have pictures of. I should have done this before the wedding for all of the snapshots that I took. This is the website and I will advertise when I have more photos uploaded.

Finally warming up and this morning I was outside drinking my coffee enjoying the sun and garden which was a treat. I took the picture of the tulips to play with the background. Later on in the afternoon, I went out and realized that they had started to bloom. The collage for today is a time lapse study of the tulips, the top 1/2 was taken around 10:30 Am and the bottom 1/2 was done around 4:30 PM. 

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  1. Anonymous5:37 PM

    OMG - your photos of the flowers and of your walks are simply gorgeous! You have so much talent. Don't ever sell yourself short again.



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