Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Just Bloom, Forget about being planted

Every year I buy two cherry tomato plants that I plant by my front door where the water drips off the roof. It's a simple way to have a "vegetable" garden without the watering work. This year, I now have 4 plants. Two plants that have sprouted from my compost, one right out of the compost bucket and another in the compost dirt that I used last summer for a butterfly bush that did not survive the winter ( picture on right). The tomato plants that are choosing to grow this year are healthier than the ones I bought. Who says you need to be planted to bloom? There's a metaphor there for life in general, don't rule out what comes out of refuse.
And for the suspense loving, there are now 3 squash plants blooming which I have no idea of what they can be, either cucumber, squash, zucchini, cantaloupe or even pumpkin! One came along with the compost for the butterfly bush, one is already transplanted to basil bucket and another is seen in the picture above coming out of the compost. Not sure if we we will get to see a fruit/vegetable from either of the mystery plants as they may not be mature enough for the growing season.

 I love my gardens in July as this is when they are usually the greenest and my flowers are blooming. Most of the plants have been planted with thought, however, there is no thinking involved when a plant just propogates on their own. It usually works out well for me and the garden since it's a colorful filler that I don't have to buy. The Coreopsis above has become over 20 plants from just one and all of the petunias below are growth from last year's seeds. I have already given away two plants and I will need to dig up more for my next trip to Maine for my aunt's garden.
The colors are gorgeous and the gardens are attracting butterflies, bees and hummingbirds.

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  1. C'mon over! I just bestowed an award to the flora and fauna of your blog.


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