Friday, April 04, 2014

Where you Work and Look Up

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4/3 Where you Work
Your Desk / Your Home / Your Office
Look Up and See my Favorite Tree
4/3 Photograph Look Up
Find / Above / Perspective

Easy prompts for yesterday and today which was good for me since I don't have much time lately for a lot of photography work. My parents are here and my husband showed up today as a surprise for my birthday this Sunday. Quickly writing this tonight after enjoying two beautiful warm days with 36 holes of golf, a walk on the beach, hanging out by the pool and shopping. We have been eating well which means shopping and cooking then cleaning. Time goes quickly here when you are having fun.

Today, I cheated and drove down to the beach to walk. It was nice to be able to walk in the warm water and most of the sand work is done. The guys are back out by the bars with their chairs and umbrellas for rent while the beach cat is happy to have his routine back. Now that is one chilled cat, enjoying the biggest litter box while getting fed by everyone and their brother. When the chair guys weren't on the beach because of the sand work, the animal control people came down to feed the cat.  
Looking forward to enjoying the warm weather for the weekend and more golf! Nice way to spend a weekend with my husband.

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