Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Focused and Frame

Focused Beach Grass
4/1 Photograph Focused
Fixated / Sharp / Firm

Whimsical Garden Fence Frame
4/2 Photographed Framed
Bordered / Edged / Trapped

Finally, we are getting beautiful weather as you can see in the picture from yesterday. My friend and I
Sand from Ocean being pumped on the Beach
went for a 6 mile walk yesterday to the beach where I got the first picture. Based on all the construction activity going on there, I was lucky to get an unobstructed view of the water.
They are moving right along the beach and the picture on the left was taken at the end of Minutemen this morning.

Yesterday's picture was supposed to be sharp and in focus, but I did not have many photo opportunities as I had company leaving and my parents coming in the same day. In the midst of all of this, the condo was cleaned and banana bread was cooked.  I do like the beach shot since the sky and ocean are so blue in the background, making the grass look sharp. I went with my Aunt and friend D to the beach for a short time further south for a couple of hours of sun. Then it was back to the airport where we had to drop off  D for an emergency visit home and to pick up my parents. That short time at the beach was long enough based on the number of sunburnt people that were already there when we got there around 1 PM.

Today was another beautiful day with a shorter morning walk of about 4 miles. By the time I got back, my parent's were up, the coffee was made and the day could begin. We went over to Cocoa so I could get a bill paid and visit the Farmer's market. After some oil and vinegar tasting at From Olive and Grapes where I bought more olive oil and flavor infused balsamic vinegar, we bought some vegetables and I learned about a fresh produce farm opened on Rte.1.
My parents and I went to check it out and made a good mistake of going to the nursery first where they had all kinds of lawn ornaments and opportunities to find frames for pictures. Seeing all those flowers and funky ornaments made me miss my garden.
 The coolest thing they had there was train set going through a little village with all real plants and flowers. Unfortunately there was nothing in the train set up that I could use for today's photo, but I did find the purple fence with the cut out pineapple. I would go back there again just to look around at all the plants and flowers. Wonder if I could find a merman or mermaid for my aunt's garden.
The day ended with a golf clinic and I got to play/practice on two of my least favorite holes at the golf course. Always nice to practice without pressure! Now I wonder if there will ever be a golf fashion photo prompt? Took these two pictures that I had sent to a friend at home seeing if she wanted an outfit.    I don't know why she didn't want me to send them to her via overnight mail. We would be making a fashion statement on the golf course.

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