Tuesday, April 08, 2014

For the Love Of…..Texture Tuesday

My birthday was this past Sunday and my husband surprised me with a visit on Friday after a business trip with a bouquet of flowers. It was a lovely bouquet and it was nice to have flowers for a subject.  We were so busy that I was too tired to write a blog for my picture of the day. With the rain predicted for this afternoon, I will be able to get caught up posting all my pictures from this weekend for the Captureyour365 photos from the past 4 days. It nice to have an occasional rain day to get caught up.

Textures: The roses were put on a paper towel, the next level is kkjustatouch as an overlay on the background with an opacity of 85% with a clipping mask for the flowers, the top level is the new kk_waterfront7magic with a hard light blend at a 49%.


  1. Belated Happy Birthday! What a nice way to preserve the memory of that special day!

  2. Great. The paper towel worked wonders for a background.


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